Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.



Wildfires can occur year-round in Colorado, and can impact any area of our county from the mountains to the plains. To prepare for wildfires it’s important to know your evacuation plan, your grab list, and mitigate to the best of your ability by maintaining your property by keeping flammable vegetation, construction materials, or debris to a minimum.

Before a fire:

  • Create a preparedness plan for how you’ll get notified, how you’ll evacuate, and what items you’ll take with you.
  • Check your insurance coverage and ensure it’s adequate.
  • Mitigate your property by removing any flammable foliage or debris that are near your structures.
  • Harden your home and structures by using materials that lower ignition risk.

During a fire:

  • Get your grab list items and leave the area if you receive an evacuation order.
  • Follow orders given by first responders.
  • Do not go back into an evacuated area.

After a fire:

  • Stay out of evacuated areas until an all clear has been given and the area has been reopened.
  • Utilize recovery resources.