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Preparedness for Infrastructure Outages

Power, water, and communications systems can all be impacted by disaster, or system damage or failure can cause disasters of their own. Consider taking the following steps to prepare your household for outages of critical infrastructure:

  • Build an emergency kit.
  • Ensure you have access to power for durable medical equipment, assistive devices, and keeping critical medication cool.
    • This could be a backup battery/generator, or by going to a location that has power
  • Have extra power sources ready.
    • Backup batteries for flashlights, battery charging packs for phone charging, etc.
  • Keep vehicles charged/fueled.

To learn more about resources you can use to prepare for outages and steps you can take to be personally prepared join us on Wednesday, April 24th for our Infrastructure Outage Preparedness Workshop – sign-up at For questions or support with registration call 303-441-3647.