Emergency Status
Jan 05

City of Louisville lifted evacuation order for all Marshall Fire areas at 12 p.m. Jan. 5, 2022

From the City of Louisville’s Facebook page:

Thank you for your patience as the City navigates the re-entry process for soft and hard closure areas. We recognize the importance of visiting your property and want to get you back as quickly as possible. Your safety remains the top priority for us.
The City of Louisville will be lifting the evacuation order as of today, January 5 at 12 PM. The entire city will be open to residents, including hard closure areas. Hard closure areas will only be open between 8 AM to 4 PM due to safety concerns.
The City is providing placards for residents to access soft and hard closure areas. Residents are able to access these areas by showing their ID or utility bill to personnel at check points. To expedite the process, residents can pick up a placard at Ascent Church from 8 AM to 8 PM, which should then be displayed on the front dashboard of your vehicle. Insurance adjusters need to either show ID at check points or may obtain a placard at Ascent Church.
The City is working to clear streets to the best of the City’s ability, but there remains a lot of debris on the roadways so use extreme caution. Please note there is no water in hard closure areas.
It is important to remember that fire may have changed the environment around your home and community; please be cautious as you return to your home and neighborhood. Be prepared to see your community changed in ways that you do not expect and take time if you need it. Here are some things to consider when returning home:
You may encounter areas that are still hot and/or hazardous materials.
  • Please consider bringing personal protective equipment like masks and gloves.
  • When returning home or traveling through the area, residents are asked to slow their speeds and be alert to hazards such as weakened trees and structures.
  • Burned structures can have many hazards in and around them. Please be aware of ash pits, holes, sharp objects (such as exposed structural materials), as well as areas that are still burning or smoldering in the structure. Snow may be covering hazards, including areas that are still hot. Please be sure areas where you are stepping and reaching are safe to prevent injury.
For information on resources, please visit the City’s website at www.louisvilleco.gov/marshallfire. There’s information on the Disaster Assistance Center at 1755 S. Public Road in Lafayette for residents who have lost their homes or have severe fire damage and additional details on mental health resources, bottled water and free meals. If you have questions, you can also call the City at 720-824-3100 or email at marshallfire@louisvilleco.gov.
Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or to relay any concerns or needs. The City is here to support you however we can.
Re-Entry Guidance for Wildfire Burn Area
This information is meant to identify the primary hazards associated with entry into a Wildfire Burn Area.
Limit your observation of the property to 10-15 minutes to minimize your exposure to the hazards listed below.
Toxic Hazards
Ash or Dust: Wildfires deposit large amounts of ash on outdoor surfaces in nearby areas, which may cause irritation of the skin, nose and throat. Ash and dust (particularly from burned buildings) may contain toxic and cancer‐causing chemicals, including asbestos, arsenic, and lead. Wear a mask and use gloves.
Physical Hazards
Debris: Broken glass, exposed electrical wires (whether they are “live” or not), nails, wood, metal, plastics and other solid objects commonly found in areas of fire damage can cause puncture wounds, cuts, and electrical injuries.
Avoid unstable building structures, if present, including flooring, stairways, railings, balconies, roofing, chimneys, and fire escapes. Be aware of the possibility that these areas may collapse at any moment.
Open doors and entryways to storage areas carefully, as stored materials may have moved into unstable positions and could fall.
Trees: Avoid burned or damaged trees, as they may be unstable and can fall.
Roadways, Sidewalks and Driveways: Use caution, as these and other outdoor areas may be damaged or unstable causing slip, trip and/or fall hazards. In addition, use caution as these areas may be covered in snow and/or ice causing slip hazards.
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