Monday June 17, Red Flag Warning. No Open Burning in Boulder County

Emergency Status
Oct 17

Evacuation Warning issued for Town of Lyons

We’re seeing a lot of questions about the Town of Lyons and what the Evacuation Warning notification* sent out tonight around 9 p.m. means. An Evacuation Warning is when a public safety official issues a warning that there is a high possibility of an evacuation due to a wildfire that poses a risk to life or property.

We cannot stress enough the importance to take the Evacuation Warning seriously. Winds overnight and into tomorrow morning could create fast-moving fire activity in the direction of Lyons. The time to PREPARE and BE READY to leave immediately is NOW. If you have any vulnerable members in your household or large animals to consider, be sure to have a plan to be able to evacuate quickly.

Arrange transportation, confirm your evacuation plan, gather items from your home such as prescription medicines, critical documents, needed supplies for family members, pets, and anything else important. Be ready to leave and if you feel you are in danger leave immediately! @TownOf LyonsColorado #Lyons


*If you have not signed up for emergency notifications, please set up an account immediately with your address at;