Emergency Status
Apr 22

Future Changes to the Stay-at-Home Order

Message from Boulder County Public Health (BCPH):

While Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has announced the next phase of the response to COVID-19, the key message from him, as well as Boulder County Public Health, continues to be ” stay at home to the greatest extent possible, even after the Stay-at-Home order is eased.” There is evidence social distancing is working, but that effort must continue in order to minimize the spread of disease, illness, and death. This is a critical time and what we each do individually will have an impact on our community as a whole. The current Stay-at-Home order remains in effect through Sunday, April 26. BCPH is partnering with the state to ensure we have clear guidelines on changes to the order and what they mean for Boulder County and our neighboring communities. We will share specific guidance as soon as it becomes available.

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