Monday June 17, Red Flag Warning. No Open Burning in Boulder County

Emergency Status
Dec 14

High Wind Event – Preparedness

The forecast is for a high wind event on Wednesday, Dec. 15. Here are tips to help prepare for this weather event:

  • Secure any loose outdoor items (lawn furniture, holiday decorations, etc.).
  • Have a plan in place for a potential power outage.
    • Water (one gallon per person, per day)
    • Non-perishable food
    • Flashlights
    • Charged cell phone
  • Check in on family, friends, and neighbors that might need assistance.
  • Sign up for emergency alerts. In Boulder County:
  • Drivers should:
    • Plan ahead. Leave extra time, as your drive may take longer due to the need to drive more slowly in high winds.
    • Slow your speed to a safe driving speed and turn on headlights if needed to account for potentially lower visibility created by blowing dust or snow.
    • Keep your hands firmly on the wheel.
    • Make steering corrections when driving from wind-protected areas to unprotected areas. The wind may suddenly move your car when traveling from a protected to unprotected area.
    • Be aware of and maintain safe distances from other vehicles near you, particularly RVs, campers, trucks, buses, or trailers being towed. These vehicles could swing out and hit your car in sudden wind gusts.
    • Take extra care in a high-profile vehicle such as trucks, vans, SUVs, or when towing a trailer, as these are more prone to being pushed or flipped by high winds.
    • Watch for objects that could potentially blow into the roadway. Tree limbs may break and/or other debris may come loose during strong winds.
    • Listen to the radio for changes in weather conditions that could create more dangerous driving.
    • If winds are severe enough to prevent safe driving, pull over into a safe parking area (the shoulder of a busy roadway is not safe) and stop.

Reminder: we are under fire restrictions for western Boulder County with Stage 1 Fire Restrictions currently in place. The High Wind Warning tomorrow now means the eastern portion of Boulder County will also have no open burning allowed. Avoid any outdoor activity that may cause a spark.