Emergency Status
Jan 04

Marshall Fire News Briefing Video and Summary – January 4, 2022 at 2 pm

Marshal Fire News Briefing for Jan. 3, 2022, at 2 p.m. View the video of the briefing.

The following speakers provided recovery operation updates today:

  • Jeff Fisher, City of Louisville Deputy Chief of Police
  • DAC – Gary Sanfacon, Boulder County Recovery Manager
  • Donations and Volunteerism – Jocelyn Fankhouser, Boulder County Emergency Manager
  • Community Foundation – Tatiana Hernandez, CEO Community Foundation
  • Xcel Energy Updates – Alice Jackson, Xcel Energy President

City of Louisville update

For Louisville resources, please visit Louisvilleco.gov/Marshallfire or call 720-824-3100.

Louisville is still under a boil water order. Bottled water is available at the library and recreation center today, and tomorrow at the recreation center only. We hope to have safe drinking water back online by Sunday, January 9th but this date is tentative.

Food trucks will be at the recreation center all week offering food to those affected by the fire and to first responders.

The recreation center, golf courses, police and courts building remain closed to the public for the time being. The library, city hall and museum are open with regular hours. The library has computers, printing and wi-fi for those who need it.

If your property is in the hard close area you can pick up your mail at the Louisville post office.

Disaster Assistance Center (DAC) update

The DAC is a one-stop-shop for anyone affected by the fire. You don’t have to have lost your home. Please go to the DAC if your home was partially damaged, or you are a renter, or you were evacuated. The DAC is open seven days a week from 9:00 am and 7:00 pm and is located at 1755 South Public Road in Lafayette. The website is BOCO.org/Marshallfire.

FEMA reports that 370 people have registered online, and 250 as walk-ins. Volunteer organizations, county departments and state agencies are also there and over 150 people have come in for their services.

You don’t need to hurry; take your time and take care of yourself first. The DAC will be open for a couple weeks.

There is more there than just FEMA – other financial assistance resources include non-profits and insurance companies. Bringing in your insurance declaration page will help you speed up the process.

Boulder County update

Please do not bring physical donation items to any location right now. A non-profit will be setting up a site where donations can be dropped off and we will advertise that location when it’s ready. Right now, we don’t have the ability to store items.

To sign up to be a volunteer, go to Coloradoresponds.org and sign up for the newsletter. Many non-profits will need volunteers eventually, just not right now.

Food is available at the DAC from the Salvation Army, Red Cross and Southern Baptists. Operation Barbecue will be setting up in the near future also.

Community Foundation update

The fund has raised over 12 million from over 43 thousand donors. Up to 5 million of that is available right now in direct finance assistance to those whose homes have been destroyed or damaged, and $500,000 is available to evacuees in need. Funds are being disbursed at the DAC. Please visit the DAC whether you’re in need or not so we can understand all the needs.

We are establishing an advisory committee with representatives from both Superior and Louisville to decide how funds will be administered. The names of the committee members will be public once confirmed.

Xcel update

Electric service restoration outside the burn path is complete. Inside the burn area we are going from home to home to identify which homes and businesses are able to take and retain electric service. Our assessment is complete.

Service to 10,000 of 13,000 natural gas customers have been restored. Re-lights are ongoing in all nine regions. They start at 7:00 am and go until 10:00 pm. We can only re-light if a customer of at least 18 years of age is at home. If no one is home, we’ll leave a door hangar with the phone number to call to schedule service. If you’re ready for service, please call 800-895-2999 and we will come out even outside of the service hours.