Monday June 17, Red Flag Warning. No Open Burning in Boulder County

Emergency Status
Jan 01

New Areas Added to Re-Entry List

Re-entry into portions of the City of Louisville and the Town of Superior progressed quicker than anticipated. The following areas have also been upgraded to soft closure (open to residents). The Public Information Map reflects these changes.

Additional City of Louisville areas moving to a soft closure (access for residents only with an ID):

  • Owl Drive from West Pine to Polk
  • West Pinyon Way
  • West Hemlock Circle
  • Fillmore Court
  • West Sandbar Circle

Modifications to City of Louisville areas still under a hard closure:

  • West Pine at Via Appia, no Northbound turns onto West Pine
  • Eldorado Lane at Via Appia no Northbound turns onto Eldorado Lane
  • Washington Avenue from Grove Drive to McCaslin Boulevard

Town of Superior areas under soft closure (access for residents only with an ID):

  • Neighborhoods accessed from Rock Creek Parkway between McCaslin and Coalton Road on the north and east only.
  • Neighborhoods South of Coalton Road

All other portions of the Town of Superior remain under hard closure.