Emergency Status
Dec 31

Power Outage Update

UPDATE at 10:15 a.m., 12/31/21

Xcel Energy and emergency personnel are working together as quickly and safely as possible to get utilities secured and restored. Emergency operations personnel are working on a plan to protect structures from the forecasted freezing temperatures and will release more information as that plan is developed. Residents will NOT be able to return to their homes in the evacuation zones at this time, as it is too dangerous.

Please see Xcel’s update on current power outages and restoration efforts.

We know that there are quite a few people still experiencing power outages. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly when your power will be restored. We do know that public utility companies are actively working, and will continue to work through the night, to restore power. The good news is that the number of outages has decreased from earlier today.

If you are still experiencing a power outage, we would recommend that you make contingency plans in case your power continues to be out overnight. When trying to keep warm overnight, please do not use a gas stove or oven to heat your home. Only use a generator outdoors and away from windows.

Here are some other tips during power outages:

  • Turn on a single light to be alerted when power is restored and check the status of the outage with your utility provider.
  • Use food safety by keeping the doors of your refrigerator and freezer shut as much as possible as this will help maintain the cold temperature.
  • Think about how you’ll keep your mobile device charged. A laptop or car charger can help. Coffee shops and community centers are also good places to charge devices.
  • Food in your refrigerator after eight hours begins to spoil and may no longer be safe, so you should pack food into a cooler surrounded by ice.
  • Check on elderly and vulnerable neighbors if your outage is lasting longer than 12 hours.