Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Create a Plan

Create a Plan

Our community is at its most resilient when we are all better prepared. To help yourself prepare, consider completing a personal risk assessment and create plans for how you would maintain your lifelines.

Understanding your personal risk and vulnerabilities helps you to focus your efforts when it comes to becoming more prepared for disasters. Consider the following as you assess your risk:

  • Know what hazards could affect your area, and consider what types of disruptions those types of hazards may create for you.
  • Have an understanding of the things that you’re already doing well – knowing your successes will help you shift your focus to other areas of preparedness that need more planning, boost your confidence, and may also help you in supporting friends or neighbors in the event of a disaster.
  • Have an understanding of your vulnerabilities, and what lifelines you feel less prepared to maintain. By assessing your lifelines you’ll be able to focus in and identify steps you can take to get yourself better prepared. The Personal Risk Assessment worksheet below is a resource you can use to help evaluate gaps that may exist in your personal preparedness.

Personal Risk Assessment

A personal risk assessment can help you to focus your efforts as you plan for disaster preparedness.


Read more for tips and things to consider for how you’ll create your plans for evacuating or sheltering-in-place.

Grab List

Learn about items to consider, and create your grab list of important items to take with you during disasters.


Learn about how to plan for communicating with others, and how you’ll plan to receive information during a disaster.