Grab List

Grab List

Grab lists are used to help you focus on the most important items you would need to grab in the event of an evacuation. In addition to items that are irreplaceable, you should also make sure to take items with you that help you maintain your wellbeing.

When creating your grab list think about the following:

  • What are some items that you could think of right now that you’d want to take with you in the event of an evacuation? Be sure to consider items that are important to you that may be irreplaceable.
  • What items do you need to maintain your wellbeing? Are there medications, supplies, etc. that you need to take with you?
  • What are some key items that you would want to be prepared with that would help you maintain your lifelines?
  • Write down your grab list below – and consider including both the item, and it’s location in your home on your list.
Grab list template

Grab List Tips:

  • Considering ordering items on your grab list in order of priority. That allows you to make your list scalable so that you can grab your most important items if you have very limited time to evacuate.
  • Have every household member complete their own personal grab list of a few items.
  • Provide a trusted person with access to your home – that then gives you a back up option of someone who can grab items, pets, or people in the event of an evacuation that may happen while you’re away.
  • Use this grab list template to get started – write down the items that you know you’ll want to take with you, and their location to make it easier to gather if you need to evacuate. Once completed, keep your grab list it in a central, easily accessible location (inside of a kitchen cabinet, specific drawer in your home, etc) and remember to update it as needed.