Emergency Status
Jan 07

Replacement or temporary Medicare or drug plan cards

If you need assistance getting a replacement or temporary Medicare or temporary drug plan card, you can gather the information below and send to medicarecounseling@bouldercounty.org or call BOCO SHIP at 303-441-1546 and leave a message for us to call them back.

Here is the information needed to obtain a temporary card (items 1 -4 are required):

  1. Beneficiary name with Social Security or Medicare
  2. Complete address on file with Social Security or Medicare (there may not be mail delivery at that location but for identifying purposes only)
  3. Date of birth
  4. Social Security number
  5. Contact phone number (we may have to follow up with more questions)
  6. Email (we can email temporary drug plan cards)
  7. Address where we could mail a temporary Medicare card
  8. If you know, what type of Medicare plan you have