Emergency Status
Apr 09

Revised Level 1 fire restrictions prohibit recreational shooting on public lands in western Boulder County

Boulder County has updated and published a revised resolution (2020-37) to align its Level 1 fire restrictions with those enacted by surrounding communities and public land managers in western Boulder County. The changes are mostly technical in nature, but a few clarifications are worth pointing out:

  • Recreational shooting is not allowed on public lands in the areas covered under the fire restrictions (see map). Hunting with a valid hunting license, following current hunting rules and regulations, is still allowed.
  • To align with what the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) has enacted, there are no open fires allowed in undeveloped or developed (hosted) campsites
  • Level 1 Restrictions do not apply to private property. This is in alignment with USFS restrictions and applies to lessees to USFS property.