Emergency Status
Jun 05

Safety precautions issued around creeks and other drainages this weekend

The Boulder OEM will continue monitoring conditions for any flooding risks or threats, but residents should remain aware of current local conditions and respond accordingly.

Please keep in mind that we can’t issue a blanket recommendation for your safety, since weather can be different in each area. You will need to assess your situation and do what makes the most sense for your particular area. In general, seek higher ground if water is rising, and seek shelter from severe weather if rising waters are not a concern.

Additionally, with late season snow runoff and more rain forecasted through the weekend, local reservoirs are at capacity and will be sending more water into all of our regional drainage systems. Don’t take any chances near creeks and waterways. Water will be running high and fast.

Lastly, be safe and avoid any unnecessary travel that puts you in the way of danger. Please remember to never drive through standing water, you don’t know what is beneath the water and if the road is still safe.