Emergency Status
Jun 04

South Boulder Creek – Flood Advisory

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Advisory for South Boulder Creek in Eldorado Springs. The Flood Advisory will continue through Tuesday (6/9/15). Banks are full near Eldorado Springs. Thunderstorms and/or spring runoff as the snow melts at higher elevations will increase the flow in South Boulder Creek.

Gross Reservoir is currently full and is spilling in the designated spillway. Spillways are designed to release the excess water behind the dam, so this is normal and completely safe. The impact that is relevant here is that any additional rainfall or snow-melt that goes into Gross Reservoir will immediately be released out into South Boulder Creek via the spillway.

Stay alert along South Boulder Creek. Avoid flooded areas and stay clear of creek banks that could become unstable due to the high flows. Keep children away from fast flowing streams. Please report any actual flooding to 9-1-1.