Emergency Status
Oct 22

Updates from the Type 2 Incident Management Team for the CalWood and Lefthand Canyon fires

Updates from the Type 2 Incident Management Team
Operations are going well on both the Lefthand Canyon and CalWood fires so far today. The cooler, more humid weather has lessened fire activity across both fires.
On the Lefthand Canyon Fire, crews are mopping up the remaining northern fire edge. This will continue through the afternoon.
On the CalWood Fire, crews are constructing direct line on the southern edge of the fire where it was backing down to Spruce Creek yesterday. West of there, crews are patrolling and mopping up from yesterday’s firing operation at the Balarat Education Center working eastward. On the northwest side of the fire, firefighters are monitoring the fire as it backs down into the St. Vrain drainage and Highway 7 corridor. Work continues on the north edge of the fire with crews mopping up and securing established fire lines.