Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

Emergency Status
Mar 24

Vehicle Pickup at King Soopers; Assistance Available for Individuals Who Were at King Soopers on Monday.

Detectives and investigators are now allowing the public to come pick up vehicles that were parked at the Table Mesa King Soopers on Monday. Victims or family members whose vehicles were left in the parking lot and who have the keys, may go to the Chase Bank, located at 603 S Broadway today until 7 p.m. or tomorrow (March 25) between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. to retrieve the vehicles. Law enforcement officials on scene will coordinate this pickup.

We also wanted to share the below resources with those who were present during Monday’s tragic events or know someone who was. The Family Assistance Center (FAC) offers a variety of options including:

  • Crime Victim Compensation/District Attorney’s Office
  • Mental Health Resources (Crisis Counseling On-Site)
  • Salvation Army (Food)
  • Red Cross (Spiritual Care)
  • FBI (Emergency needs/Property inquiries)
  • Boulder Police Department Victim Advocates
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Massage/Acupuncture

FAC is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and is located at 2855 N. 63rd St in Boulder.

Additional resources available:

  • Resource line 303-217-0120 — for information and referral
  • Colorado Crisis line: 844-493-8255 or text: Talk38255