Emergency Status
Jul 16

Cleaning up your house and property – Do Not Use bleach to remove fire retardant

Saturday, July 16, 2016 10 a.m.
Cold Springs Fire – Public Announcement

For those needing to remove fire suppressant (retardant) from automobiles, propane tanks, wood siding, and other surfaces, it is important to not use bleach. Chemicals in the retardant react negatively when exposed to bleach and may produce a harmful gas.

Residents needing to remove fire suppressant should wear gloves and scrub lightly with soap (or Borax) and cold water. (Slurry Clean-up Safety flyer)

Although the health risk from fire suppressant to humans, plants, and animals is minimal, residents should exercise caution when removing retardant from objects. Residents should call 911 if they have contact with fire suppressants and any subsequent health concerns. Emergency phones have been installed at 1530 and 3151 Ridge Road, and are flagged and signed to aid identification.

Residents impacted by the Cold Springs Fire and returning to their homes are encouraged to use these resources for guidance on cleaning up after the fire:

The Salvation Army has been distributing free “fire clean-up” kits to households. These kits contain many helpful clean-up tools and accessories, like scrubbers, gloves, brooms, etc., that residents can use to work on their homes and personal property. The kits do contain a small bottle of bleach which can be used for clean-up work other than removing slurry or fire suppressant from any surface.

Cleanup kit