Emergency Status
Jul 15

Cold Springs Fire Situation Report – Friday, July 15

The fire transitioned at 7 a.m. this morning from a Type II Rocky Mountain Area Incident Management Team to a Type III Boulder Incident Management Team. Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Fire Management Official, Jay Stalnacker, is Incident Commander.

The fire was flown over again last night and infrared showed no hot spots in the burn area. That doesn’t mean there’s still not a lot of work to be done, but crews have made substantial progress in mopping up the fire.

Weather remains a concern throughout the region. Continued dry, hot conditions present risks for any new fire start anywhere in the mountain communities and forested areas. Fire patrols from many county, local, and US Forest Service agencies are doing daily “severity” fire patrols in order to be able to spot and attack new fires quickly. Additionally, at Nederland Fire’s request, Timberline Fire is assisting with fire patrols of West Magnolia.

A lot of the areas in the mountains are in rugged, difficult to access terrain, so it is imperative that people abide by the fire ban regulations and not use open flame of any kind, including a match or cigarette, anywhere in unincorporated Boulder County or the Town of Nederland.

Fire crews remain in the fire area to mop up lands affected by the fire. Unless it is deemed necessary for firefighters to remain on private property after 5 p.m., most firefighters will leave the area by 5 p.m. in order to allow residents some privacy and normalcy on their properties.

Two helicopters remain assigned to the Cold Springs Fire, although none are in use today. Additional ground equipment and crews are still working on in the burn area.

Xcel flew in all the poles they needed yesterday and have 40 people working on the ground to sink poles and rebuild about 1.5 miles of line. A handful of homes are still without power outside the burn perimeter, and we are working to confirm a number of homes within the burn area that are still without power. Xcel crews have been working diligently to get power restored to all homes affected by the fire.

Law enforcement will continue to assign additional patrols to the fire area while everyone gets settled back in their homes.

The Boulder County Disaster Assistance Center in Nederland will move to the Nederland Community Center on Monday, July 18, and operate from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. through at least Wednesday, July 20.