Emergency Status
Jun 11

Severe Weather Update- June 11, 2015

Weather systems are starting to become active across Colorado and have the ability to cause flash flooding over the next 12-18 hours and cause river flooding to the east over the next 3-4 days. As a result there is a flash flood watch issued by the National Weather Service from 9 a.m. this morning until 12 p.m. Friday. Storms right now are mainly in Larimer County heading toward Weld County and in El Paso County moving easterly. In a few hours the storms will become more widespread with a forecast along the Front Range of 1-2 inches of rain from mid-afternoon into Friday morning. The storms will diminish after midnight and move into northeast Colorado. Boulder OEM is working closely with the National Weather Service, Urban Drainage Flood Control District and local governments to monitor the situation. Please continue to monitor the weather and visit this site for future updates. As weather begins to impact Boulder County please report any flooding or hazardous situations that are a threat to humans, animals, homes, businesses, roads or utilities to 911.

Remember these three steps to being prepared!

1. Getting information and staying updated is the first step in preparedness, pay attention to news sources, Boulder OEM and NOAA Weather Radio for updates.

2. Make sure you can be notified get a weather radio because it is quick and reliable. Be sure to sign up for emergency telephone alerts at www.boco911alert.com to receive alerts on smart phones and your home phone.

3. Make sure you have basic plans for where to seek shelter, how to evacuate (what to bring and route to take), how to reunite with friends and family and what is needed for 24-72 hours of self care.

Remember driving through flood waters in a car is dangerous and can be a fatal mistake, turn around do not drown!

Thank You for taking the time to read this post and be safe!